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Valentines Day I Love You Original Grand Couture Card

Valentines Day I Love You Original Grand Couture Card
I Love You card I Love You Card I Love You Card detail I Love You Card detail 23k  Box Closed  Back of Card Sample of Sentiment Sample of COA Document
A Grand Couture tour de force of artistry and craftsmanship. Valentines Day is celebrated each year on February 14, known as the Holiday of Romantic Love. Our Gilded Age Greeting I Love You Card, is an exceptional work of art for this very special holiday. Each card, is adorned with cascading flowers, hand gilded in 23k gold and hand mounted precious stones. Your card is individually inscribed with your perfect romantic sentiment. This one of a kind, exquisite card has been hand inked, painted and gilded by Master Artist Rosemary Buczek is certain to impress your Valentine. "One Of A Kind" Please order early to ensure availabiility.

Renaissance master works of illumination, so prized by Gilded Age magnates JP Morgan and Henry Clay Frick are the inspiration for our classic Valentines Day Greeting. This original work is a true gift of style and luxury. A rich ground, replete with vibrant florals and lavish vines, all which surround the prominent "I Love You" which is encased in 23k gold. Each detail painstakingly hand painted, just as it was in renaissance times. True to the period the pigments used in this work have been hand ground and chosen specifically for this card. As an original, this one of a kind holds true to traditional techniques having been drawn, inked and then painted by hand, by master penman and illumination artist Rosemary Buczek.

"I Love You" couture signed original will be prepared as ordered either with your custom sentiment or blank leaves to be penned by the hand of the giftor. The card is presented tassel bound, within our lavish silk presentation box. Complimentary white gloves are provided for proper handling of the fine gilt work and well as the painting itself.

The presentation box is handmade of couture quality silk. Each finished with fine gold embroidery throughout.

Certificate of Authenticity: A finely engraved and hand signed document, containing edition number, history of illumination, artists biography and information exclusive to your card.

Your Gilded Age Greeting as an heirloom: Reminiscent of the renaissance treasure books that have inspired our collection, we encourage our giftees and giftors to tell the story of the greeting they have given or received. The additional leaves provided should be used to pen sentiments through the generations, each telling with great detail, how they came to receive a Gilded Age Greeting, the most beautiful cards in the world.
Holiday/Occasion love, valentines
Original or S/N S/N
List of Materials Hahnemuhle Genuine mould made watercolor paper, imported Germany, 23k gold
Card Dimensions 7" x 9"
Presentation Box Dimensions 16.5" x 11" x 2
Price: $3250.00