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Good King Holiday Greeting Limited Edition

Good King Holiday Greeting Limited Edition
Good King Holiday Greeting Good King Holiday Greeting Presentation Box Good King Holiday Greeting Box Closed Sample Sentiment Sample of COA Document
Christmas during the Gilded Age was magical. The lavish parties, glamorous attire, opulent decor, all is what made the Gilded Age, the Gilded Age. This attention to beauty, this eye on the details, this craftsmanship only achieved by the hand of a skilled artisan, are all the inspiration for our full line of holiday cards. "The Good King" based on the Christmas Carol The Good King Wenceslas, is a beautiful card. Penned to showcase master calligraphy, the letters are formal, yet filled with elaborate flourishes. Jewel toned Swarovski crystals are placed throughout. The young boy carries an illuminated lantern glowing with a golden light, the rays of light brought to life with hand applied shell gold. A magical card, reminiscent of a magical time.

"Good King" is prepared as ordered either with your custom sentiment or blank leaves to be penned by the hand of the giftor. The card is presented tassel bound, within our lavish silk presentation box. Complimentary white gloves are provided for proper handling of the fine gilt work as well as the painting itself.

The presentation box is handmade of couture quality silk. Each finished with fine gold embroidery throughout.

Certificate of Authenticity: A finely engraved and hand signed document, containing edition number, history of illumination, artists biography and information exclusive to your card.

Your Gilded Age Greeting as an heirloom: Reminiscent of the renaissance treasure books that have inspired our collection, we encourage our giftees and giftors to tell the story of the greeting they have given or received. The additional leaves provided should be used to pen sentiments through the generations, each telling with great detail, how they came to receive a Gilded Age Greeting, the most beautiful cards in the world.

The Story of "Good King Wensceslas": Our greeting card is based on the Christmas carol of the same name. A brief history: The words to the carol were written by John Mason Neale and published in 1853, the music originates in Finland 300 years earlier. This Christmas carol is unusual as there is no reference in the lyrics to the nativity. Good King Wenceslas was the king of Bohemia in the 10th century. Good King Wenceslas was a Catholic and was martyred following his assassination by his brother Boleslaw and his supporters, his Saint's Day is September 28th, and he is the Patron Saint of the Czech Republic. St. Stephen's feast day was celebrated on 26th December which is why this song is sung as a Christmas carol.

Giclee: Our limited editions are created using Giclee technique. For more information on Giclee, visit our resources page.
Artist Rosemary Buczek
Holiday/Occasion Christmas
Original or S/N S/N
Number of AP Proofs 5
Edition Number 250
List of Materials Hahnemuhle Genuine mould made watercolor paper, imported Germany, Shell gold, Swarovski Crystals Jewel Tones
Card Dimensions 7" x 9"
Presentation Box Dimensions 16.5" x 11" x 2
Price: $375.00